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Quality Matters!

Quality testing team ensures that your development team delivers top quality at high speed. Starting from performance and stability to security, in modern competitive market, applications need to be fulfilling to ensure customer satisfaction and earn trust. Skilled teams’ expert in development and use of technology may not revolve well around testing and mostly fail to deliver the quality expected.

Getting an application tested during development is cost-effective, it is far better to remove bugs and errors during development than customers or users to point-out.
Testing as a Service gives option to deploy a seasoned testing team that works with development team and keeps code and architecture bug-free and capable of bearing load and maintaining performance in different real-life scenarios after deployment.
Unit, functional and integration testing during development helps in landing near bug-free product that demands minimum support post-deployment and improves company’s prestige and credibility.


Opallios Testing as a Service (Taas)

In modern market users are highly sensitive for performance and security of applications and software. Testing at initial phase for three major crucial aspects is much easier and far more effective. Performance and Load testing methods ensure that application is able to handle low and high traffic scenarios equally efficiently. It works smoothly with concurrent environments, and across platforms and browsers. These methods also analyze systems scalability, resource utilization and stability during varying workloads.

Opallios Testing as a Service (TaaS) allows its clients to leverage expertise and knowledge of high quality testers that work as part of the in-house development team through-out development phase and ensure that only bug-free flawless product rolls-out.

What you get from TaaS

Freedom from recruiting and maintaining teams, and bearing cost of large testing teams, licenses and other cost of infrastructure during idle phase.

Gain services of Smart professionals with strong technical background and tool-specific certifications and pay only on need basis.

Benefit from our vertical market experience and domain-specific knowledge-base that adds an extra flavor to our testing services.

Get option to scale-up and down team size on need basis.

Benefit with use of latest methodologies, testing strategies and automation tools.

No need to spill money over costly infra and software, automation tools and licenses.

Get your in-house team trained for using on-the-go testing methods to mitigate bugs and errors during development phase.

Competitive pricing that keeps cost of production low without compromising best quality of product.

Freedom to work in your natural time-zone.

On-Board Testing Team

Opallios’s Testing as a Service model enhances effectualness of your development, and eventually overall productivity of team, by validating software quality during development phase which reduces post-deployment errors, without hassles of on-board testing team and cost involved in maintaining it.

Opallios Automated/Manual Testing Services

Automated regression testing.
Performance and Load testing.
Mobile App testing.
Application security testing.
Big Data testing.
BI report testing.

Our Technology Stack


With Opallios TaaS You Get More

Project assessment details and SOWs before starting the project.
You get testing environment customized according to your need up and running in minutes over cloud. Cloud-based testing environment eliminates need of hardware and tools required for carrying out rigorous testing.
You get daily and weekly progress reports.
No need to purchase systems or tools, or to hire any testing team.
We work with your team in their time-zone to keep things smoothly sailing.
High quality certified resources with industry- specific experience and proven track record of successful execution of complex and large projects.

Get in Touch

Even if you have in-house development team or have engaged any offsite development team our Consultants can add finesse to services or product, and at times can make entire process highly cost-effective. The vast real-life experience of seasoned Consultants has proven real game-changer in many cases and with Opallios this has been very common. From software or mobile development to Salesforce, Data or Big Data analytics our Consultants are crackerjacks full of ‘master strokes’ in their kitty to make any development or implementation perfect by all means.


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