Data Analytics


Data Analytics

Digital transformation of organization is impossible if it is not utilizing its data efficiently.

Data analytics, Big Data and Business Intelligence are most momentous to propel any organization on growth path. Not every organization has similar needs when comes to insights from data, the need changes with size, industry and target-market, but time for top executives of any organization to take business decisions by instinct, is long gone by. Now every organization needs to have an ecosystem that promotes facts-based decision making relying on correct conclusions drawn from historical and current data.

Opallios has been part of digital transformation initiative of many small, mid-sized and big companies through its astonishingly efficient product development, cloud computing and technology architecture skills, and proffers to do it in best manner by topping it with data analytics services.


Opallios Strategy for

Data Analytics

Design an analytics ecosystem that fulfils business objectives.
Gather data from reliable sources within or from outside the organization.
Data mining through ETL to gather relevant data from scattered data.
Selection of most apt technology and tools for extracting precise information from structured data.
Transfer of data to ML analytical applications, Big Data or BI tools.
Present information in tabular or graphical form for easy and unambiguous understanding.
Establish easy accessibility to users with strict security.
Cross-checking information within business or outside to build trust.


How Companies Leverage

Analytics for Business Benefits

Get 360o view of customer and see what your competition cannot.
Offer relevant products and services by understanding customer and market better.
Anticipate, needs, change in buying pattern and buying behaviour, and customer choices for informed business decisions.
Optimize available resources for higher productivity.
Predictive analysis for timely decisions based on real info.
Mitigate chances of losses and security threats.


Opallios’s Play-Zone for

Analytics Services

Analytic consulting for Big Data, Data analytics and BI systems; we help you in choosing right application and tools without getting lost in plethora of options; guide you in establishing perfect analytics ecosystem that adds business value.
Development of self-propelled integrated analytics system containing data gathering and data mining processes connected to customized ML applications, and data presentation tools.
Integration of Salesforce data platform and Cloud integration with on-premise data infrastructure which improves flow of real time data and make accurate and precise information available across organization.
Clinical data analysis for better decisions in health care.
Utilization of data available on social media for better customer engagement.
Integration of smart devices and machines with the analytics infrastructure for gathering data to carry out specialized analytic operations.
Enhance performance of current analytics infrastructure through customized applications, improving data pathways, and deployment of AI-equipped processes.


Technology and Products

Apache storm
Machine Learning
Power BI
Business Intelligence

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Even if you have in-house development team or have engaged any offsite development team our Consultants can add finesse to services or product, and at times can make entire process highly cost-effective. The vast real-life experience of seasoned Consultants has proven real game-changer in many cases and with Opallios this has been very common. From software or mobile development to Salesforce, Data or Big Data analytics our Consultants are crackerjacks full of ‘master strokes’ in their kitty to make any development or implementation perfect by all means.


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