Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing has

Become Critical for Success

Today technology is spine of any company or organization to say the least. Technology has become critical for success of any business, because it allows collection, storage, compilation, analysis and utilization of most vital data across organization. Legacy systems invariably fail to provide essential data within required timelines thereby pushing hi-tech software and technology at front-end to minimal use.

Cloud computing is the efficient, reliable, flexible and future ready way to make tech-spine of organization strong and flexible. Well planned upgrade can easily enhance efficiency by 20-25% and is 25% cheaper to install and operate than traditional systems, and of course many times secure and adaptable. Today, businesses to stay ahead are shifting towards the cloud infrastructure to aid or to eliminate the existing IT infrastructure and leverage technology for fast and secured growth.


Opallios Provides

Cloud Migration Strategy

Migration to cloud can be confusing initiative and may induce follies to make entire effort less explicable. Three archetypes that can overhaul current system and make investment in upgrades translate into real value are – Architecture integrating core systems, data management and storage, and seamless data flow through API ecosystem.

Opallios builds customized projects for your business, eliminate friction points for smooth flow of information through cloud computing and Salesforce, and handle valuable data with BIG Data technologies to generate accurate information of business value.


Our Technology Thread

for Cloud computing

Our Technology specialists at Opallios are experts in Cloud Computing along with Web 2.0 technologies which include, Appian, Amazon Web Services and other services.

We have a legacy of developing products in the field and can work on Software as a Service (SaaS) application development including cloud and also cloud infrastructure using available Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment.

What you can expect from Opallios

Opallios ensures that our cloud engines are engineered for high performance, quality and security all integrated with business value along with better control over performance.

Cloud Strategy

Organizations essentially need to have a cloud strategy to stay abreast with competitions. If you are not fuelling your business with technology you are fuelling your competition’s business. The perfect balance of workload amongst cloud-based and in-house systems, need for multi-cloud strategy for optimization and selection of most suitable cloud platform for business needs and ease of management and governance, are areas in which an expert’s advice can maximize your business potential at reasonable cost.

Cloud Engineering

Through cloud computing, web 2.0 technologies including, Appian, AWS and many others, we provide cloud engines exactly for your business and organizational needs. We bring home the bacon through architecture and performance engineering of existing cloud systems.

CRM Consulting

Salesforce comes with magnitude of modules and applications, Opallios ensures customization with optimum use saving time and cost. Our vast library and experience helps in reaching solutions for problems quicker, gives you leverage of using pre-developed and tested code and strategies, and trustworthy third-party tools recommendations and details of subtleties.

Cloud Integration

Our cloud integration services like integration of Salesforce with in-house system can make your critical data available across entire organization with high degree of security attached.

Cloud Development

You can get cloud/SaaS based applications, Salesforce customized application development and leverage cloud infrastructure for financial growth-boom through PaaS environments.

Cloud Migration Services

Migration of on-premise CRM, migration of enterprise system to cloud, mobile enablement of cloud CRM, or performance enhancement of existing cloud system to ensure meaningful outcome of investment in technology.


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