Leverage Our Blockchain Expertise

Blockchain is the biggest opportunity set we can think over the next decade

Bob Grifeld

Opallios believes in equipping the clients with the perfect technological solution providing business value along with objective realization. Opallios is aiming to generate a fabricated and well-grounded ecosystem to keep their clients future ready. Blockchain, shorthandfor distributed ledger technologies which registers and tracks anything of value like property ownership, property transfer, financial transactions, medical records and documents of importance to a person or a company.


Blockchain is in the midst of Opallios Virtuosity

Being a deft Blockchain technology company, Opallios is concentrated on systemized, and efficient products using blockchain, AI, BI and Analytics. We focus on a client-centric approach with a flavour of ever-changing data altered according to the dynamic needs of the customer. The company is successfully building blockchain solutions, catering all the industries you can name, dealing in different domains, with overload of financial transactions to medical records to government book-keeping and many others.

Our Blockchain Use Cases

Medical and Healthcare systems

Ensure safe transfer of sensitive medical information of patients; avoid mistaken consumption of wrong medication, maintenance of proper drug regimen and online patient care.

Smart Contract systems

For real time update, transparency, and strict adherence popularly used for business contracts and by real estate for assurance of land titles etc.

Blockchain equipped IoT Systems

Provide incorrigible flow of information from devices. IoT is another big thing in technology and its association with Blockchain minimizes or rather negates risks of cyber-security and makes entire system literally ‘unhackable’. Readily adopted by logistics and manufacturing companies.

Systems for Government Institutions

There is massive scope of Blockchain in government functioning. Information like Identity, passports, license, social security number, insurance, medical history etc over distributed ledger keeps them secure and protected from hackers.

What should you trust Opallios for?

We offer various range of products, exclusively designed to cater the needs of the customer with customer satisfaction as our top most priority. Below details will enable you to relate our services with your growth plan.

Public Blockchain.

A blockchain which is simply available to the general public to be accessed  for viewing, reading and writing because of the permission-less nature. The best and infamous example of public blockchain is Bitcoin. Opallios creates public Blockchains which are best suitable for healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education and many other industries to make the data uploaded available to the general public for benefit of the society.

Private Blockchain.

A Blockchain, most commonly used and created for a single company as per their needs and requirements, Private Blockchain network created in any company is accessible to only a limited number of people so that the information stays safe and secured within the company and only for its employees. No foreigner can use the information for benefits. Opallios creates the best and most secured private networks for a better experience and efficient working of the company.

Hybrid public-private blockchains

The unique amalgamation of public and private Blockchains, that helps in maintaining transparency. This type of blockchain is preferably created for government institutions and fortune 500 or 1000 companies to present some information to the public along with confidentiality to protect the sensitive information.

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Even if you have in-house development team or have engaged any offsite development team our Consultants can add finesse to services or product, and at times can make entire process highly cost-effective. The vast real-life experience of seasoned Consultants has proven real game-changer in many cases and with Opallios this has been very common. From software or mobile development to Salesforce, Data or Big Data analytics our Consultants are crackerjacks full of ‘master strokes’ in their kitty to make any development or implementation perfect by all means.


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