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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is no more a futuristic technology it is very much in our daily life and expanding fast in day to day activities. Hundreds of organizations are using this technology for faster growth, higher customer satisfaction, fact-based decisions, security and much more. Have you seen recommendations from music and movie sites, or from ecommerce sites? You must have heard or probably using Alexa or Siri. 

Well these are just tip of the iceberg, AI has become far deeper and organizations are using it for more crucial purposes to run their business with unprecedented success. Underestimating the power and potential-use of AI poses a serious risk of lagging behind and appearance of alien entity in business landscape.


AI Solutions

Opallios provides custom, first to third generation AI solutions, that work seamlessly with business models making them far more efficient and productive. Our AI services transform your business by incorporating cognitive technology into your present recording system to engage it in crucial decision making. You can trust us for

First Generation
AI solutions, rule-based AI solutions that get incorporated in business models or systems quickly without any need of large data. The rules are created by experienced people in organization.
Second Generation
AI solutions use machine learning and formulas of Statistics and utilize submitted data for learning and knowledge base. The input and output is analyzed and judged by users.
Third Generation
AI solutions utilize immense potential of deep learning. There is no need for any rules, solution works on its own intelligence and judges input and output.


AI Solutions of Different


AI solutions of different generations can be either used at forefront for activities related to customer satisfaction and judgment of customer behavior through unstructured data or solutions can be developed that are fit to work in Backoffice to improve operational efficiency, talent retention, higher productivity, lead generation and predicting changes in market pattern etc. 

AI solutions with deep learning are used for timely and fact-based decisions, chatbots, fraud detection and for similar functionalities.

Opallios AI Services

Face recognition apps with expression sensitivity to prevent unwanted entry, mark attendance and judge customer behavior during shopping.

Solutions with Big Data analytics, machine learning and complex algorithms to prevent frauds and check customer worthiness for credit/facilities.

Creation of AI powered front-end solutions for enhanced customer experience and analysis of customer behavior and expectations.

Integration of AI with mobile apps for accumulation and utilization of data to judge buyer’s behavior.

Applications that turn data into text, majorly for automated Business Analytics reports, Product description etc.

Natural language processing / image processing apps.

Knowledge virtualization.

Solutions for accurate business decisions with AI empowered decision management solution enriched with predictive and prescriptive analysis drawn through complex algorithms analyzing historical and current data.

Solutions for Business

AI Consulting
Our team of experts will analyze your current business and operational model and chalk-out possibilities for AI solutions. Our consulting team will also table expected positive outcomes by using this futuristic technology in your business.
AI Strategy
We workout perfect strategy for you to deploy AI powered solutions for business growth. We plan strategy that is focused on minimal risk, cost and bring positive results. We suggest a clear path to harness AI for faster growth and competitive edge.

Get in Touch

Even if you have in-house development team or have engaged any offsite development team our Consultants can add finesse to services or product, and at times can make entire process highly cost-effective. The vast real-life experience of seasoned Consultants has proven real game-changer in many cases and with Opallios this has been very common. From software or mobile development to Salesforce, Data or Big Data analytics our Consultants are crackerjacks full of ‘master strokes’ in their kitty to make any development or implementation perfect by all means.


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